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Recover deleted & lost files easily and completely with 30-Day Free Trial.
Android Data Recovery

Android Data Recovery

Easily recover lost data
iPhone Data Recovery

iPhone Data Recovery

Recover lost data from iPhone,iPad,iPod
Select a data recovery software
Professional data recovery softwares help you recover important files
Hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, etc.
Retrieve lost data from Mac in minutes
Photos, videos, contacts, call history, SMS, etc.
Data recovery App for Android devices
Easily recover lost files in iPhone, iPad,iPod
Easily recover lost files in iPhone,iPad,iPod
User Reviews
  • KenData Recovery
    A great data recovery software with excellent functions, especially the very convenient preview feature!
    DaveData Recovery
    When my folder with graduation photos was deleted accidentally, I was so worried; fortunately, Bitwar helped me find my memory with youth.
    JackyiPhone Data Recovery
    My kid deleted important photos in my phone when playing with it, luckily, this software helped retrieve them.
    AlenAndroid Data Recovery
    This software is easy to use, and I just thought restoring files in a phone could be troublesome.
    TankData Recovery
    My hard drive space is always insufficient. When I delete data to release space, I would delete something important by accident; fortunately, I could recover them with this software.
    KakaData Recovery
    I formatted a partition accidentally, but found it with Bitwar, that’s so great.
Knowledge Library
Knowledge of data recovery
A few steps can restore the data that the hard disk is deleting
Restore files, images, videos and other files on the deleted desktop or hard disk.
Accidentally emptied the recycle bin and restored the recycle bin file.
Restore the USB disk accidentally deleted data
SD card data recovery, TF card and other memory card file recovery.
Restore data on iPhone, including photos, audio and video files.
Restore data on Android, including photos, audio and video files.
No contact can be found and a few steps can be recovered.
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